Facebook privacy hack, see hidden photos of facebook users

Sometimes you may wish to see the photos of a certain facebook user but you cannot as the target person is not directly your friend evens not your friends of friends. You cannot see much information of that user when you go to her profile page, may be you just see the ‘Info’ tab saying that “<Name> only shares some of her profile information with everyone. If you know <Name>, send her a message or add her as a friend.”, sometimes you may find the ‘Wall’ tab also just like the following image.


You see the ‘Photos’ tab is missing but you want to see her photos. You know the photo privacy settings have 4 options:

  1. Everyone
  2. Friends of Friends
  3. Only Friends
  4. Customize

‘Friends of Friends’ is the default settings. We are assuming that the above person has not changed her privacy settings for photos. But still as you are not her friend evens not friend of friends, you are not eligible to see her photos. Don’t be disappointed, there is a way to reveal those. Follow the steps:

  1. Login to facebook
  2. Search for your target person
  3. Go to her profile page
  4. Copy the code and paste it into the browser’s address bar and hit the ENTER key.

You may find something like:


Well, I personally did not discover the code we are using here. If you want to read the main post regarding this topic please go here New Trick to View Hidden Facebook Photos and Tabs.

After more investigation on this privacy hack, I have found some more interesting things in facebook. Actually it is possible to see almost every piece of information of a facebook user without login to the system only if the information is not blocked by privacy settings. Obviously it is not necessary to be a friend of the target user, you just need to know the profile id which is not a private thing at all. If you are more interested you can hit the following urls:




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23 thoughts on “Facebook privacy hack, see hidden photos of facebook users

  1. Dear Monir,
    This is amazing…..
    I like this topic very much.
    Carry On I want more & more topics like this one.

  2. You have 2 choices in this test:

    The Police, CIA and or FBI or equivalent in your territory are at the door of your house,
    They ask you for your date of birth, photos of you and your family and what you do everyday.

    Of course if you are on Fail book they have all that information already…..

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