How to recover your hacked yahoo account?

I know how much tensed you are if hackers have been compromised your free yahoo account. Many important documents, files, pictures are there. The most important thing is, you have registered in many websites using that account. No doubt, hackers will compromise those accounts as well if you are late to recover it.  After compromising an account hacker resets the current password so that the owner of the account cannot login at least during his next few operations. Then he changes few important information such as zip code, alternate email address and security questions so that the owner cannot reset his password by using Yahoo Password Helper. After doing all these basic tasks he goes to inbox and searches with keywords like “account information”, “username”, “password”, “credit card”, “master card”, “paypal”, “love”, “sex” etc.

Anyway, you have already wasted your time on internet looking for hopeless tricks to recover old password.  Don’t worry, I will not waste your time anymore. Here are the tricks to get back your account. Go to (Or, click the ‘I can’t access my account’ link from yahoo login screen) then follow the steps:


What's the problem you are experiencing

Step 2

Please select an option to reset your password


We'll help you to sign into yahoo[/caption]


Please select an option to reset your password


Please answer your secret question

You are thinking that the steps described here are not new, probably you already have tried this. And you got that in the last step, the security question is asked not yours, that are hacker’s one. It might seem to you as the hackers already have changed the security questions and answers, you have nothing to do here. Another thing you might have noticed that the security questions are same as you set but yahoo are not taking your answer as correct one. This is because the hackers have set new answers of your questions. Well, perhaps you have also tried with your alternate email address but you failed because the hackers have changed the alternate address too.

Seems, no way to get back the account. But there’s a way, very simple. Look at the image of Step5, specially look at the red rectangle area. See there is a link, “This is not my question”. Clicking on that link, yahoo will show you the old initial question(s) that you set for your security. No matter how many times hackers have changed your security questions and answers, you still get your question sets. This is a new feature yahoo implemented recently to give the original owner chance to get back the account. By the way, changing the security questions are not straight forward like Gmail. As far as I know there are three ways to do that.

  • Sending a change request email to
  • Submit your questions through a form
  • Just after finishing the password retrieval process, it gives an option to change security questions.

I tried with the first option it returned back me a message saying that “Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care. Unfortunately an agent cannot respond to your question until it is submitted through a form on our Help pages.”

Then I submitted through their form but didn’t get any reply yet.

The 3rd option works. I can add new security questions-answers through this process but the problem is I cannot remove or change my initial questions.

However, it seems a great feature to remember old initial security questions for the account owner but what about for the hackers? Imagine, what happens when someone knows the answers to your secret questions. Actually your account has been compromised using your secret questions-answers. May be the hacker is your ex-bf or ex-gf who knows your favorite foods, father’s birth location, what is your first phone number, where did you born etc. Let’s say, you have been hacked and you recovered your account using that cool feature and now if you want to change them to be more secure, the hacker can always select “This is not my question” and go back to the previous question.

So, the old questions should be expired after a certain period, shouldn’t it? I believe there is a way to change old security questions but I’m quite sure there is no quick way right now.

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  1. I lost my password & I forgot the security question I reported several times to yahoo company but I can’t get my pass word .Because of that I opened new account can you transfer my contacts to my new yahoo please.

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